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Block Tanks is a prototype for a turn-based tank combat game on a fully destructible, procedurally generated voxel terrain. The combat allows each side (green vs. red) three turns to blow the smithereens out of the water using one of three possible projectiles.

As this is a prototype, that's the extent of the gameplay. There's no victory condition, no main menu, no nothing. Just straight-up tanks blowing the crap out of other tanks.

The game's controls:

  • Left-click and drag to pan the camera around.
  • Middle-mouse scroll to zoom in/out.
  • Ctrl+middle-mouse to rotate the camera.
  • Left-click a tank to select it (left-click anywhere else to deselect it).
  • Left-click a tank and drag to draw a line to a spot where you want to move the tank.
  • Left-click on an empty part of the screen and drag left/right to rotate the tank and up/down to adjust your trajectory.
    • Alternatively, you can use A/D/Left Arrow/Right Arrow to rotate the tank and W/S/Up Arrow/Down Arrow to adjust the trajectory.